Enterprise Resource Planning

The Agency provides advice, design and architecture to help integrate, transform, integrate and scale data flow and processes in a digital environment.

Our enterprise services integrate ERPs with client facing platforms. These include environments such as web portals, ecommerce platforms or apps.

By integrating these outward facing customer tools with internal business systems (such as product inventory and customer management systems), the organisation can utilise real-time data to automate delivery of services, products and management reports.

These integrated ERPS enable companies that offer professional services to proactively fix problems, minimise labour intensive analysis of data and therefore maximise efficiency. Some of the great improvements in these types of systems include automating reports to streamline end of period reporting.

There are many improvements to data-flow that can lead to positive and immediately tangible improvements. An intelligently designed ERP will improve financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduce financial risk. ERPs can automate core business operations such as lead-to-cash, order-to-fulfilment and procure-to-pay processes. 

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