User Research

User research consultants help enterprises and brands navigate every aspect of the digital landscape. It drives customer-focus and creates digitised experiences to deliver measurable improvements in business metrics.

It drills down to analyse and understand your customers, their behaviours and attitudes, their needs and problems. It informs the Agency’s ideas for improvement and optimisation.

Using the latest research tools we discover how to best engage with your customer base and apply these with a view to market trends and competitor reviews. It is this evidence lead research that informs all our proposed digital solutions for our clients.

We listen carefully to what our clients need from their tech solutions. We keep the emphasis on the needs and experiences of end-users. 

The Agency’s teams combine qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse:


  • Audience and user needs;
  • Content and information architecture;
  • Usability studies;
  • Analytics of user behaviours and;
  • Multiple solution opportunities.

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